Harbo Designs

Hand-Drawn Clothing & more

No, I’m not Jesse Pinkman, but my hands are raw from people shaking them and congratulating me on my awesome TV show!! I’m just Harbo, a guy obsessed with pens.

In junior high, it was gel rollers. If you looked at my notes, the margins were a scrawling mass of colorful geometric doodles. When high school came around, gel rollers weren’t cool for guys, and I got my first Uniball, along with my first geometry template for 9th grade math. It was love from there. I’ve always found that doodling allowed me to better imprint whatever I was hearing to memory, so I’d like to thank doodles for getting me into, and through college. When college was over, Sharpies and their pungent odor entered the horizon.

You wouldn’t believe how many Sharpies I have, but it's now ecclipsed by how many Fabric Markers occupy my drawer. Sharpies are great, and are ideal for working on flat canvases – but you get them wet and you’re going to have a bad time.  So here I am now! Sharpies have their place. But for clothes, it’s all about washability.


And if you think sharpies smell bad, wait till you have a hat you can’t wash