Harbo Designs

Hand-Drawn Clothing & more



Harbo Designs creates hand drawn and printed designs on a variety of canvases.  It started with sharpies and a white Aeropostale hat in 2008, and then, things got a bit out of hand.

Sharpies are out of the clothes picture now, and Fabric Markers are the  tool of destruction (construction?).

I went through a drawing on shirts and hoodie phase, but thats a thing of the past. Now instead there's  these modes you can choose from

  • Fabric Marker on Shoes (Sanuk, Vans)
  • Fabric Marker on Hats (fedora, caps)
  • Printed shirts and hoodies
  • Sharpie on Car (wait, what!?)
  • Sharpie on Flat Surface





All hats are hand-washable and made as color fast as possible.


To maintain the white color of the hat, it's advised that you hand-wash with a dab of laundry soap applied to a sponge occasionally (I do every 4 weeks, depending on use).


Detach and wash the protective band as much as your heart desires


These are designed for casual wear, not sports wear, as heavy sweat can lead to discoloring of the white hat