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A song to help the world heal. To raise our voices and lift our hearts. To feel unity, and harmony, and strength.  Check out the choir version, if you haven't been lucky enough to be swept away. 

Here's the 1110 picture time-lapse Music Video of the song Quiet, by MILCK, with a guide below


When I paint, I make rules and then break them, and most lines of the song break the "rules" a little more.

Put on your face. The faces are put on, not quite yours. They jumble in the confusion. Blue eyes, red lips

Know your place. The strokes lose their curve and follow lines, getting in their place

Shut up and smile. The faces form a smile this time, but the red paint forces a fake smile.

Don't spread your legs. Don't spread your wings. No! take a strong stance to support yourself

I can do that. The lines return, stopping the wings from spreading, And bringing your focus back to the ground

But no one knows me no one ever will.  Joining our hands together, we lift each other up in our wings

If I don't say something if I just lie still.  When joined together, we become angels

Would I be that monster scare them all away. Are they devil horns or angel wings?

If I let them hear what I have to say. The second wing lacks the same support, scared, but a wing nonetheless, ready to fly. 

I Can't Keep Quiet The lines which were once dragging, have become yours, and form into the musical staff



A one woman riot. One? Not anymore. The musical staves take the form of continents, and together, we line the earth. We can cross continents and support each other with song.

I Can't Keep Quiet for anyone anymore. Quieting down. But the spark is lit. 

Cause no one knows me no one ever will. The song is out, caught in the wind, flying

If I Don't say something take that dry blue pill. Don't sit down. Gather your strength and speak. This box isn't the end. Go past the box. 

They may see a monster they may run away.  Devil horns change into a halo

But I have to do this.  The musical staff, your base, has been caught in the wind and taken the form of your self

I can't keep quiet. Music is in our veins, it is our veins

No-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. Pumping blood, blue and red

A one woman riot. The veins fill with spirit, pumping the heart bigger and bigger.

I Can't Keep Quiet. Cannot be contained! Bursting out,  intertwining and gathering strength from singing in harmony. Sing!

Let it out  let it out now. SING! Lift your soul and join together.

They'll be someone who understands. Sing! There will be someone who understands.

#icantkeepquiet  SING!! The final halo of flags shoots out from the heart. It emerges upside down, in distress, but when channeled through the supporting wings, the flag finds its natural rightness.

I can't keep Quiet. Ooh-ooh. Put your foot down. Even that makes music.

No I won't keep Quiet. 



I'm a pretty quiet person. But I Cant Keep Quiet anymore. Music and painting are my veins, my lifeblood. And this song by MILCK fills me with happiness I cannot describe - so I painted what the song, and the journey behind it, paints in my heart and mind. When we sing in harmony, we can feel our true strength. Music binds us together, and I hope this song can help us sing in harmony, and stand in unity.

This is my first attempt at making a painting to music, and it was pretty daunting, but I had to try.  I can't keep quiet anymore. I had to paint a picture of how HAPPY I am that this wonderful human MILCK can finally shine her light on the world. Her voice can finally be heard! And with this song, so can yours!! Have you listened to her other stuff?! It's AMAZING! Here are a couple of my favorites

There She Walks Again

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