Harbo Designs

Hand-Drawn Clothing & more


Q1. Are the hats washable?

     A1. Yes! But you have to be careful. You can find a guide here.

Q2. Do you print your hats? 

     A2. Nope! All hats are drawn by hand, using rulers or geometric shape templates

Q3. Do you use sharpies on your hats?

     A3. Not on the hats, but Sharpies are used on wall pieces and the Sharpie Civic.

Q4. I saw a hat before but its no longer available. What can I do?

     A4. I'm not always producing all my designs, but email me at harbodesigns@gmail.com and I can work some inking magic!

Q5. Do you make custom hats?

     A5. Yes and no. if you ask me to draw you a realistic dragon, you're out of luck. However, I do customized names.