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You've found your way to the dreaded column of maintenance. Within you'll find the secrets to keeping your design as fresh as possible.

Fabric Pens: The hats are inked with two different types of fabric pens, and treated to maintain color fastness for as long as possible.  But only so much can be done on my side of things before you become the caretaker!

Foam Protector: Each hat is fitted with a foam protector on the brow to prevent sweat from soaking through to the brim.  The protector is removeable and washable, and if you dislike it, you may remove it. However, this will reduce the survivability of the hat.

Washing: All inked clothing is washable, though best washed under certain parameters.  

     1. Wet the entirety of the hat

     2. Apply a small dab of laundry soap to a clean sponge.

     3. Lightly brush hat with soft side of sponge (un-inked portions will survive rougher brushing)

     4. Make sure you wash the whole hat, as any missed dirt/sweat will cause permanent stains after drying.

     5. Rinse

Drying: Do not machine dry, it will ruin the hat itself

     1. Allow hat to naturally drain for at least 10 seconds

     2. Lightly squeeze the back of the hat (optional)

     3. In an area that can get wet, hold onto the brim of the hat and lightly wave the hat as if you're throwing a beanbag underhand

     4. When setting the hat to dry, compact the hat and ensure it dries in its structural form 

Survivability: The fastest fading areas are those you grab to remove the hat, so keep this in mind when grabbing the brim, and try to grab white areas. It is not recommended that these hats be worn during heavy sweating, as staining may occur. I try to wash my hats once every 1-2 months.